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I probably shouldn't be spending time writing a blog, but I feel kind of stuck on my course paper, and I just don't feel like doing homework -- as ill-advised as that may be.  So I thought maybe this might help get my thoughts in order.

One of the reasons I decided to move to Japan was because I wanted to get my Master's.  Temple University has a campus in both Osaka and Tokyo, and they offer a Master's progrm that allows students to take courses non-matriculated.  That is, before being accepted into the program.  Well, I always thought that I would like to study linguistics, but I was very reluctant to go through the effort or financial trouble if I wasn't sure I would really take to it.  So, this was a good chance for me to see how it would go before fully committing.

For the record, I just turned in my matriculation application documents earlier today -- so I guess that means that I'm going for broke!

Last semester, I took a course on English sound systems and teaching pronunciation.  This semester, I'm taking a course titled the Applications of Cognitive and Educational Psychology on Second Language Acquisition.  It's incredibly fascinating!

It's a LOT of reading, but incredibly fascinating!

For my course paper, I decided to evaluate the cognitive processes involved in the language immersion program being run at my school.  More specifically, I wanted to discuss the effectiveness of the lessons based on studies on the memory systems and language production.  There's a lot I need to research, but I'm excited to do it, even if I am procrastinating on it right now.  It's a little overwhelming, working full-time while being a part-time grad student.  To think I bemoaned homework back when it was the only thing I was responsible for!

I will probably go into more detail at some other point; for now, I think this update is sufficiently long enough.  And I need to sleep!

Until next time.

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